Saying Good-Bye to a Dear Friend

The time had come. My husband, Steve, and I sat curled with Wallace, our Basenji, on the exam room floor at the vet’s office. Wallace had walked with us as a faithful companion for almost sixteen years. We’d waited. Oh, we’d waited, perhaps for almost too long, as his decline, once slow and steady, accelerated ...continue reading

5 Ways to Have Discipline in Writing

Lisa Shearin, who is a very accomplished urban fantasy writer, and I shared a fence for five years. One day, we chatted over that four-foot wooden structure. Since we were both writers—she published by that time and I an aspiring writer—we talked about how long it took her before she received her first writing contract. ...continue reading

6 Ways to Organize Writing Time and Writing Space

My life is totally disorganized. That thought flew through my head a couple of days ago as I stared at our dining room table. Once more, it had become a dumping point where anything that came through the front door landed. Clutter had gathered, and it had begun to impact my ability to write. We ...continue reading

3 Ways to Get Your Cheering Section In the middle of 2013, I almost gave up writing—twice. It had been a tough year. My first novel, published via the traditional route, hadn't performed up to my expectations. Though I’d had a mountain high of going to a writers conference and garnering an agent, that angle ...continue reading