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5 Ways to Keep Learning About Writing

Have you ever had a phone conversation that changed your life and in a good way? I did. It happened on a hot July day in 2012. By that point, I rode a high that came from knowing my book would come out with a traditional publisher later in the year. Davis Bunn, one of ...continue reading

5 Ways to Have Discipline in Writing

Lisa Shearin, who is a very accomplished urban fantasy writer, and I shared a fence for five years. One day, we chatted over that four-foot wooden structure. Since we were both writers—she published by that time and I an aspiring writer—we talked about how long it took her before she received her first writing contract. ...continue reading

6 Ways to Organize Writing Time and Writing Space

My life is totally disorganized. That thought flew through my head a couple of days ago as I stared at our dining room table. Once more, it had become a dumping point where anything that came through the front door landed. Clutter had gathered, and it had begun to impact my ability to write. We ...continue reading

Entangling the Reader in the Plot

Many of you know that, surprise, surprise, I was not an English major in college.  I was a physics major, and the language I spoke and even wrote in during college was mathematics because it’s the universal language of scientists.  I found writing to be a great outlet I could only utilize during winter and ...continue reading