Operation Javelin

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Last Chance, Book 4
Release Date: 02.20.24

Hawaii’s Big Island. A place of unparalleled beauty where people vacation. But a place of personal growth and professional fulfillment for Shelly Wise. She’s worked for three months as a contract computer security expert at a chemical manufacturing company’s research facility on the island. She couldn’t be happier.

Then beauty turns to death. A coworker dies after stealing proprietary information related to a chemical code-named the Javelin Project. After witnessing the incident, Shelly flees into a Hawaiian night that no tourist can fathom. Alone and terrified, she stumbles into a trap. Her narrow escape leaves her body and soul battered, and her self-confidence unravels.

She learns that the Javelin Project has the potential to save lives. And to destroy them. The magnitude of her discovery overwhelms her to the point where she knows she can’t go it alone anymore. She summons help, and it arrives in the form of her friends from the former Shadow Box team.

Shelly faces many threats. A man she doesn’t trust. A woman determined to leave a legacy at any cost. Deep soul wounds once more ripped open. She must overcome her self-doubts to stop the Javelin Project. Thing is, it may already be too late.

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