Posts about the adventures I experience.


The Great Possum Caper

The shouts startled me. “Bonnie! No! Get away! Get away!” Oh, no. I realized our Basenji girl, Bonnie, must have caught some sort of hapless small creature who’d been foolish enough to venture into our backyard. Steve must have been trying to stop her. I rushed outside with Clyde, our male Basenji who’s almost six ...continue reading

How Not Communicating Could Have Killed Me

It all started out innocently enough that chilly October morning nearly ten years ago.  Steve and I decided to field test our new backpacks and other hiking gear in preparation for our hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon that would occur the next month.  We selected a hike in southwestern Virginia called Rock ...continue reading

The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

It all started out innocently enough.  It was Monday night.  I had plenty of time before Dancing with the Stars (yes, I like to watch that show) to pay bills and get our financial house in order.  I sorted everything out.  Bills in one pile.  Stuff to file in another.  Receipts to enter into my ...continue reading

How to Deal with Life's Little Messes

Our hot water heater died last night (Friday) at 11 PM.  It happened like this.  I’d had a very long and busy week.  When I finally stumbled through the door at eight o’clock last night, my ever-loving husband suggested that I take a hot bath.  I did.  Sometime between my luxurious bath around eight thirty ...continue reading

Five Things I Learned from a Dream

These past few weeks have been extremely busy for the Haynie household. My day job has been that way for the past month, but then my husband and I decided last weekend was the time to complete the refurbishment of the fireplace.  The workers had installed the firebox in September, and now we had to ...continue reading