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Being S.M.A.R.T. with Goal 4: Running a Half-Marathon

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 My last goal for this year of jubilee concerns a physical fitness goal. For years, I’ve desired to run a half-marathon. I know I’m capable of doing it. But for one reason or another, it never happened. One year, I was dealing with tendonitis in my arms. Another year, I just ...continue reading

The Concept of Body Awareness

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 October 2010. The Island of Kauai. A hike on the Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast. If any of you have been to Kauai, this is one of the most beautiful hikes you can do. Definitely not one to be missed, especially when other trails lead to fascinating beauty, like ...continue reading

3 Reasons Why Looking Back Is Good

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 Early November 2004. The Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Steve and I raced against time. No, we weren’t trying to save the world from nuclear apocalypse or save a kidnap victim from certain death. We raced against darkness as we hiked up the Bright Angel Trail from Phantom Ranch. It’s ...continue reading


The Great Possum Caper

The shouts startled me. “Bonnie! No! Get away! Get away!” Oh, no. I realized our Basenji girl, Bonnie, must have caught some sort of hapless small creature who’d been foolish enough to venture into our backyard. Steve must have been trying to stop her. I rushed outside with Clyde, our male Basenji who’s almost six ...continue reading

How Not Communicating Could Have Killed Me

It all started out innocently enough that chilly October morning nearly ten years ago.  Steve and I decided to field test our new backpacks and other hiking gear in preparation for our hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon that would occur the next month.  We selected a hike in southwestern Virginia called Rock ...continue reading