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3 Reasons to Read Nonfiction

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 I just finished reading a great book last night. And no, it wasn’t fiction, which is what I mainly read. It was nonfiction and is called Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton. It’s about a Special Forces team who, within a month of 9/11, arrived in Afghanistan and assisted the Northern Alliance ...continue reading

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Recent Reads: Shattered Glass

Before I began writing, I always enjoyed reading. “Read what you like to write.”  That’s one of the mantras that got drilled into my head early in my writing career.  When I arrived at my writers conference last year, I found a kindred spirit in Rich Bullock.  We were in the same critique group, and ...continue reading

Recent Reads: Transgression

Note from the blogger: While I will be ending the series of book reviews, I will continue to post Recent Reads along with other blogs. Sometimes as a writer, it’s easy for me to focus my reading in the genre I’m writing, suspense fiction. It can be good to wander off the reservation and actually ...continue reading

Recent Reads: Impossible Odds

A writer’s reading can take them places that they may not expect as they begin researching for a new novel. That recently happened to me as I began doing some research for a novel I intend to put out next fall. I stumbled across a condensed article related to the book called Impossible Odds: The ...continue reading

Baldacci Gets His Groove Back with Memory Man

I’ve been a David Baldacci fan for a long time, ever since the Camel Club years, to be honest.  For the most part, I’ve enjoyed his novels, but his last two or three began to concern me.  It seemed as if his writing was slipping as if he were writing to fulfill a contract rather ...continue reading