Last Chance Series

Being S.M.A.R.T. with Goal 1: Publishing a Book

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 As many of you know, I’m a suspense writer first, blogger second. So far, I’ve put out eight suspense books in the form of two series (two books each), a trilogy (two books completed), and two standalone books. This year, I hope to publish my ninth book, Operation Music Man (third ...continue reading

The Very Clear and Present Danger of Somali Piracy

Thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, pirates have taken on a certain connotation in the American imagination, that of a somewhat goofy, not-too-bright fellow who makes us laugh and always gets the girl. Even reading about piracy in history books has dulled our senses. We know about Black Beard, Captain Kidd, and ...continue reading

Tori's Little Secret

Blogger’s Note:  Today, you’ll hear from Doctor Tori Walters, a plastic surgeon onboard the South African ship Peacemaker, as she tells you a little bit about herself. I’ve never had one of these interviews before where you say I’m to play a role in Operation Peacemaker.  Well, if you say so.  Honestly, I think my ...continue reading

Has Victor Let Go of His Past?

Blogger’s Note:  Today, you’ll hear from Victor Chavez, one of the lead characters in Operation Peacemaker.  He first made his appearance in Operation Shadow Box, and now he tells you what’s happened since then.  So I’m supposed to discuss what’s happened since Operation Shadow Box?  Boy, that’s a bit of an assignment.  Sorry for the ...continue reading

The Contradictory Life of Suleiman al-Ibrahim

Blogger’s Note:  Over the next few posts, you’ll hear more from the characters in Operation Peacemaker as well as other additional information. In today’s post, meet Suleiman al-Ibrahim, the leading man in the novel. Victor told me a little bit about what you call a blog post. Or what I call an interview. Why do ...continue reading