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Does Prayer Really Work?

Blogger's note:  I had fully intended to begin a new series related to my writing, but with the news of Saeed Abedini's release, I decided to interrupt my schedule for this post. Saturday morning, I woke up as a normally did, wandered into the kitchen, and had a bowl of cereal while reading the comics ...continue reading

Christmas Wishes Through Songs

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. Christmas has come, and along with it come the requisite chores, those of shopping, making cookies, parties, and Christmas cards.  Throughout it all, it’s easy to lose the real reason we have Christmas.  So in this post, though it may be short and perhaps not the ...continue reading

How to Stand Strong when Life Crushes You

I remember last January when 2014 turned over to 2015 and how I wondered about what the new year would bring. If I’d only known. The first half of the year? Quiet. My life moved in an easy rhythm. The second half? My head is still spinning. In the span of three months, my cousin ...continue reading

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It Takes a Hero:  My Hero

I’ve spent the past several weeks writing about heroes, everyone from the larger-than-life heroes we see in the media, to the occupational heroes who risk their lives every day, to the quiet heroes who’d rather slit their wrists than admit it, and to all of us, who may or may not recognize that we’re heroes ...continue reading

Redwood Refreshment

  “You’re standing on holy ground.” Those words, paraphrased from the Book of Joshua, echoed in my ears as I stood outside of the administrative offices at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center three weeks ago.  At that point in my life, I badly needed refreshment.  To say the winter had been frantically busy was ...continue reading