Culture Clashes and Exiled Heart

I admit it. I’m a Southern girl, and I find the roots of my father’s side of the family along the edges of Low Country, South Carolina. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the southeastern part of the US, Low Country is found in the area along the South Carolina coast. It’s a ...continue reading

Keeping It Real: Exiled Heart's Setting in Time

Setting. It provides the backdrop for the plot and development of characters. It also consists of numerous things. First off, the location. That’s an obvious one. The culture. Culture stems from location. And the historic period. In my original rendition of Exiled Heart, I utilized both Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Charleston, South Carolina, as my ...continue reading

Ben's Take on Loyalty

Note: In this post, you’ll hear from Ben Evans, Ziad’s best friend and an FBI agent posted at the US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia People use many words to describe me. Benjamin is Mom’s favorite, and she’s the only one who calls me by my full name on a regular basis. I've also been ...continue reading

Claire's Take on Compassion

Note: This week, you’ll hear from Claire Montgomery, the leading lady of Exiled Heart, as she talks about compassion. I’m not sure how much you know about me. I’m a nurse, a flight nurse to be exact. I started out working in the Emergency Department at Potter Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. Save for two ...continue reading

Ziad's Take on Friendship

Note: In today’s post, you’ll get to meet Ziad al-Kazim, the main character in Exiled Heart. Hopefully his words will give you insight into his life before the start of the novel. In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which is where I live, friendship means much to me. In my country, friendships run mainly along family lines. ...continue reading