A New Direction With My Blog

It happened. I’d drafted another blog post on writing, but for some reason, I hadn’t posted it. Stress? Maybe. Procrastination? Sure. Fear? It could be. I discovered it’s more than that. I need to follow hard after God, and if he’s asking for a change in direction, I need to answer it. What’s Happening Not ...continue reading

Be a Game Changer: Research

In chess, the knight has properties that make it an important piece to keep in the game as long as possible. It can jump pieces, and its move is unique in that it is an L-shape and not in a straight line. Like other pieces, it also has the ability to fork an enemy, in ...continue reading

Meet the Deceptively Dangerous Nicole Chardet

Blogger’s note:  Tonight, you’ll hear from another secondary character, Nicole Chardet.  She’s a hard woman and one not to cross.  Let me see here.  I’m supposed to write about myself.  Oh, come on!  What’s there to know?  Let me look at this list.  What I look like.  What’s something important to know about me, and ...continue reading


Sharp Words from David Shepherd

Blogger’s Note: Today, you’ll hear from David Shepherd, the leading man in The Athena File. While once a career Green Beret, he now works as a maintenance guy in his hometown of Burning Tree, Utah. Why? He’ll have to tell you. Apparently, I’ve been given this “assignment” to write a little about my life. You ...continue reading