I’m Sorry We Can’t Be Friends

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 Dear Winter, You’re in my life, at least for another five weeks, but to be honest, I’m ready for you to go. I’m sorry, but I’ve tried. I’ve tried to be friends with you, but it’s just too hard. Yes, I have a lot of friends who know you as their ...continue reading


5 Reasons Why Snow Days Are Good

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 It finally happened. Snow. We all saw it on the radar, heard about it on the news. It headed toward our part of North Carolina. It wasn’t much. Matter of fact, any of you who live in snowy climates would probably laugh at us for closing everything down for a couple ...continue reading

Remember Us in North Carolina

The track said it all. Category 4 Hurricane Florence, the seemingly only major hurricane destined to make landfall, headed toward North Carolina. By the time it finally came ashore, it had dropped to a barely-there Category 1 hurricane. The one-two punch came first with the winds and associated storm surge. Then with the gobs of ...continue reading

I've always had a hard time with January. At this point in the year, Christmas is done and gone, the decorations from the festive time tucked away in their boxes and properly stored until the next year. I'm struggling to catch up with the other chores that were neglected during the Holidays. I'm paying bills ...continue reading