Don't Assume Nothing (Part 1)

“Don’t assume nothing.” That was a statement I learned at a relatively young age when I took flying lessons for a couple of years in high school. Instructors used it with student pilots during preflight checks. Their point? Don’t do the preflight from memory. Always use the checklist. Always. No exceptions. For them, it was ...continue reading

5 Things I've Learned During My 10 Years as a Supervisor

This month, I celebrate ten years as a supervisor at my job. It’s been a journey, one where I’ve seen my job grow and change and one that has had both challenging and rewarding moments, just like any other job. I still remember where I was when I got the promotion. I was on vacation. ...continue reading

5 Ways to Fight Back Against E-Mail Clutter

One day not too long ago, I stared at my Inbox in my work e-mail account.  My shoulders tensed.  I cringed.  My pulse skittered up a few notches.  Why?  Over 200 e-mail messages littered it.  My writing account and personal accounts were even worse.  I needed to clear out the clutter.  Fast. Maybe for you, ...continue reading