Writing techniques

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Renovating Exiled Heart

What’s your favorite television show? I’m game for anything related to home improvement. I love the way the hosts take a house that’s horribly outdated and in need of repair, strip it down to the studs, and rework it. These contractors see the potential, the good bones the house has, and they turn it into ...continue reading

The Balance Beam of Theme

Theme.  That’s an elusive term to grasp.  If a writer pushes too hard at a theme, it’s easy to overdo, and she comes across as preaching.  If a writer doesn’t care about a theme, then it’s also easy for him to write aimlessly, almost like a sailboat without a rudder.  In other words, it’s a ...continue reading

Entangling the Reader in the Plot

Many of you know that, surprise, surprise, I was not an English major in college.  I was a physics major, and the language I spoke and even wrote in during college was mathematics because it’s the universal language of scientists.  I found writing to be a great outlet I could only utilize during winter and ...continue reading

When a Misplaced Letter Creates an Oops Moment

As writers, we’ve all done it. We’ve looked at a manuscript so long that we miss things.  Simple stuff.  Stuff that if we’d taken the time, we might have found.  At work, we had a classic that came in with a report.  “Pump station” became “pimp station,” all due to a slightly misplaced finger.  Losing ...continue reading

How I Almost Ruined My Next Novel

It started innocently enough. I’d completed a revised draft of my next novel and was ready to subject it to a good, solid content edit.  Being a writer of small means, I invested the time and energy to send copies of my manuscript to a good group of beta readers.  Beta readers are either writers ...continue reading