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3 Reasons to Read Nonfiction

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 I just finished reading a great book last night. And no, it wasn’t fiction, which is what I mainly read. It was nonfiction and is called Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton. It’s about a Special Forces team who, within a month of 9/11, arrived in Afghanistan and assisted the Northern Alliance ...continue reading

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Blogger’s Note:  After a hiatus of a few weeks to focus on writing and work, I’m back with some final thoughts related to The Athena File. Nothing about this novel has been easy.  Nothing. Not that I expected it.  After all, when I went to my writers’ retreat at the end of February, the instructor ...continue reading

Meet the Deceptively Dangerous Nicole Chardet

Blogger’s note:  Tonight, you’ll hear from another secondary character, Nicole Chardet.  She’s a hard woman and one not to cross.  Let me see here.  I’m supposed to write about myself.  Oh, come on!  What’s there to know?  Let me look at this list.  What I look like.  What’s something important to know about me, and ...continue reading

Don't Mess with Abigail Ward

Note:  Over these next four posts, you’ll hear directly from each of the characters from The Athena File.  These posts will be in their words, in their voice.  Tonight, you’ll get to hear from the lead character, Abigail Ward.  Enjoy! So I heard that I’m supposed to say something about myself, though I’m really not ...continue reading