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Hope Chest or Memory Box?

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 I’m a Southerner by heart. Born and raised in North Carolina, I’m definitely cognizant of many Southern traditions. Like fried chicken and sweet tea, two of my favorite foods. Debutante balls. And hope chests. I know it has international origins, but it was one thing that was seemingly always a big ...continue reading

Battling Expectations

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 On the way back from a daylong conference, I had a conversation with my coworker, Marie.* Marie is a few years older than I, in her mid-fifties, and has been in graduate school while working full time. This entails not only studying but also heading out of town each weekend to ...continue reading

Don't Assume Nothing (Part 2)

“My life is going exactly as planned,” a high school friend told me once when we were hanging out a few years after we’d both graduated from college.  She’d married by her mid-twenties.  A great guy, someone perfect for her.  Her first child would be arriving shortly. When I looked in the mirror when I ...continue reading