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It Takes a Hero:  The Hidden Hero

You’re probably a lot like me. You get up in the morning. Go to work. Come home. Fall into bed after various and sundry daily activities. You’re probably thinking, I’m no hero. I’m here to tell you differently. You are to someone. What makes you a hidden heroe? All of us are hidden heroes because ...continue reading

It Takes a Hero: The Quiet Hero

  Quiet heroes. They’re all around us, but we’d never know it because they’re not going to tell the world about their heroism. They’re not professional athletes, movie stars, singers, or other celebrities who make their living from being known. They’re not the occupational heroes I discussed in my previous post who put their lives ...continue reading


It Takes a Hero: Occupational Heroes

It was a warm, late spring night in 2009 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A minivan traveled down a local road, its three occupants most likely heading home after an evening out. A car charged from the opposite direction, ran off the road, overcorrected, and plowed head on into the van. It ran off the road, ...continue reading

It Takes a Hero: Larger-Than-Life Heroes

Larger-than-life heroes. We see them all of the time because they’re right in front of our noses. Football players. Baseball players. Singers. Celebrities. Movie stars. Reality television stars. The media celebrates them all—and criticizes them when it deems appropriate to do so. What makes them a hero? A larger-than-life hero is someone who is constantly in the ...continue reading