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Staying Afloat in Life’s Rapids

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 Have you ever had one of those years? Like when things just seemed to fall apart before your very eyes? Mine was 2010 and started that May. First came an old, scarred-over injury that took me down. A visit to a physical therapist revealed the news. No exercise beyond walking until ...continue reading

Being Mary in a Martha World

It happened. Two years ago, when we had our annual Third of July party, the food arrived. So did the guests. During the whole evening, questions ran through my head. Are we running out of drink? Time to do more lemonade. And what about the food? Do we need to put some more out? Are ...continue reading

My Cookout Lesson

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 It happened. The party was Wednesday. Our biggest party of the year. And it was hot, like firecracker hot. Time was running out, and I wanted to finish getting ready because I was hot, sweaty, and plain frustrated at some miscommunication between my husband and me. I asked him to help ...continue reading

Embracing Imperfection

by Jennfer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 “You got the year wrong,” Steve, my husband, informed me when he looked at the invitation we’d printed for a party we’re having soon. Oh, no. It’d happened. In my weariness from a long day and in my rush to get something out the door, I’d failed to produce what in ...continue reading

5 Ways to Find Time with God

Many years ago, I sat at a women’s retreat and listened as the speaker talked about having quiet times with God. Her formula seemed simple. Get up an hour earlier to spend time with God by praying using ACTS as a guide and reading Scripture in a carefully laid out Bible study format. Huh? For ...continue reading