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How to Stand Strong when Life Crushes You

I remember last January when 2014 turned over to 2015 and how I wondered about what the new year would bring. If I’d only known. The first half of the year? Quiet. My life moved in an easy rhythm. The second half? My head is still spinning. In the span of three months, my cousin ...continue reading

5 Ways to Survive Busy Times in Life

It happens periodically.  Life at work zooms from tranquil to crazy in the matter of days.  Over the past week and all next week, my day job is exactly like that.  I’m struggling to stay afloat and to work on writing as well. Crazy times in life happen to everyone.  If you’re a parent, the ...continue reading

What This Writer Does for Fun

Since we’re coming off the Holidays, a lot of us remain on vacation.  For this writer, being off work means being off my day job.  During these times, writing is what I do because I can get large swaths of time when I’m at home with only the pups.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t ...continue reading

Getting Ready for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas has been a hard road this year. It all started in November.  I knew it would be busy.  That particular month always is in my line of work.  What I didn’t expect was the intensity.  One week, I completed a review of applications.  That Sunday, I flew to Oregon for a conference.  ...continue reading