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Being S.M.A.R.T. with Goal 1: Publishing a Book

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 As many of you know, I’m a suspense writer first, blogger second. So far, I’ve put out eight suspense books in the form of two series (two books each), a trilogy (two books completed), and two standalone books. This year, I hope to publish my ninth book, Operation Music Man (third ...continue reading

David Shepherd: Life after The Athena File

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1 Blogger’s note: Last week, you heard about what’s been going with Abigail Ward since The Athena File. This week, you’ll hear from David Shepherd, who’s the leading man in No Options. Find out what’s been haunting him since The Athena File. I can’t get around it. I’m not a very trusting ...continue reading

Abigail Ward: Life After The Athena File

by Jennifer Haynie (@JenniferHaynie1) What’s the best cure for a broken heart? I should know. January of 2017 stank. Big time. You see, David Shepherd and I had been a couple for over six months by that point. Then things happened. Martin Luther King Weekend is a weekend I’d rather forget. When we had The ...continue reading