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3 Ways to Get Your Cheering Section In the middle of 2013, I almost gave up writing—twice. It had been a tough year. My first novel, published via the traditional route, hadn't performed up to my expectations. Though I’d had a mountain high of going to a writers conference and garnering an agent, that angle ...continue reading

  Pain. That’s what blazed up my arm that cold January night when I accidentally rammed my elbow into the corner of a granite planter where all three angles met. The details of why it happened don’t matter. What’s important was that the pain never quite went away. Instead, it grew in intensity as pain ...continue reading

Be a Game Changer: Research

In chess, the knight has properties that make it an important piece to keep in the game as long as possible. It can jump pieces, and its move is unique in that it is an L-shape and not in a straight line. Like other pieces, it also has the ability to fork an enemy, in ...continue reading