4 Things I Learned While on Vacation

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1

Early last week, I returned from a vacation that began as a working vacation for me as I attended a conference in Austin, Texas.  When I left North Carolina, I was weary from personal issues going on, a very hectic work schedule, and life.  I needed that vacation.  Steve and I both did.  While away, I learned four things about why vacations are so important.

Vacations provide release from everyday living.  Face it.  Life gets hectic, and our schedules can fall into a rut, especially after the school year starts and along with it, associated activities.  For me, a heavy work schedule this past summer had drained my energy, and a family crisis had lowered my energy levels even further.  My enthusiasm-for-life well had run low.  Being away from North Carolina, even at work for the first part of it, replenished that enthusiasm.

Vacations provide rest.  Many times, we think of rest in terms of physical rest only.  But our daily grind can impact other types of rest, just as Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith states in her book Sacred Rest.  I needed a change in scenery, that change in schedule, and time with my hubby away from the gilded cage of the Research Triangle Park where sometimes it seems that everything can demand our attention.  When I arrived home, I felt refreshed despite the cold I picked up while on the road.

Vacations with a buffer day ease the transition to real life.  In the past when we’d taken vacations, Steve and I would jump right back into our schedules.  For the past couple of years, we’ve added a buffer day between our return home and when we go back to work.  Last week was no exception.  After arriving home Tuesday evening, we took the time to relax on Wednesday, to have time with the pups and do nothing much.  It made going back to work easier.

Vacations can provide a chance to catch up with old friends.  Be it planning a trip with old friends or visiting them while away, vacations can provide a way to touch base with those who have meant much to us in different parts of our lives.  During our time in Texas, we caught up with old friends, one from Steve’s grad school days who lives in Austin and another from my grad school days who now lives in Waco.

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Overall, vacation was good, despite the fact that I picked up a cold halfway through.  We got to rest, see a different part of the country, and visit old friends.  When I returned, I felt rested, restored, and ready to face fall.

Question: When you take a vacation, how does it impact you?

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