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  • I was hooked from the first page. If you like romance and suspense you will love this book. – B. Brown, Amazon Reviewer
  • This book had good action and a great love story – Erin Unger, Amazon Reviewer
  • I generally don’t read spy-type thrillers because I can’t handle the tension. This book is no exception, but if you like Tom Clancy without all the monotonous details, I highly recommend Loose Ends. It is well-written with tension that often made me afraid to read the next chapter. – Mary Hamilton, Amazon Reviewer
  • Having read the previous books in this series, I have to say that this was by far my favorite… Another fast-pass suspense thriller with a splash of realistic faith and real-life romance, Loose Ends was captivating and engaging. -Ashley Pichea, Amazon Reviewer
  • Fun, fast paced read. Plenty of action, interesting locales, and great characters. -Dennis Brooke, Amazon Reviewer
  • Excellent characterization of the team members, each with their own distinct personalities and skills. Highly recommended reading. -D. Rayno, Amazon Reviewer
  • Enjoyed the read.. easy and hard to put down.. well written
  • This kept me wondering to the end! Terrific reading with well developed characters. -Linda L., Amazon Reviewer
  • The author used her Christian beliefs in a way that wasn't intrusive and balanced with other beliefs from the areas covered.
  • A well written book that captivates, entertains and, I think, educates at the same time. -Kim Matthews, Amazon Reviewer
  • The Athena File spans the globe, taking you deep inside flawed characters as they wrestle with betrayal and events from the past. A story you won’t soon forget! -Rich Bullock, award-winning author of Shattered Glass
  • This story will keep you reading until the end. -Rita Sheppard, Amazon Reviewer
  • From the start to the end this novel twists & turns leaving the reader saying up late, unable to put it down. -Robin-R Randall, Amazon Reviewer
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  • Simply a great book. Well developed characters and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. – JD Solomon, Amazon Reviewer
  • The combination of interesting, multifaceted characters and a suspense-filled plot makes this book a very enjoyable read. I would not have thought a professional assassin could be a relatable character, but the author's magic makes that happen with Jenna Knight. I am looking forward to seeing what Jennifer Haynie comes up with next. – Susan K., Amazon Reviewer
  • Riveting suspense and page-flipping action. Operation Music Man sheds light on a dark and despicable world that nobody wants to talk about. Jennifer Haynie tackles a tough subject with grace and great characters. -James R. Hannibal, award-winning author of The Paris Betrayal