• Alex Thornton Al-Omri: Learning to Wait on God

    Blogger’s Note: This post is the second post related to Uncommon Vengeance, which is Book 3 of the Unit 28 series. Learn more about what’s going on in Alex’s mind between Book 2 a

  • The Critical Question

    At last, I’m pleased to announce that Book Three of the Unit 28 series has arrived. On August 9, Uncommon Vengeance be available on Amazon, and the e-book is already available for pre-order. This

  • What We May Take for Granted the Most

    August 2020. Halfway through a badly needed vacation in the North Carolina mountains, I treasured my mornings of hot tea on the balcony as the chill wore off into the warmth of gentle sunshine. Tha

  • How I’m Like My Dog

    My husband, Steve, and I have two Basenji dogs. With roots that go back thousands of years to the Egyptian empire, Basenjis are one of the more unique breeds out there. Not because of their sight a

  • What Are You Doing This Week?

    Palm Sunday marks the start of what Christians call Holy Week, or Passion Week. For followers of Jesus, that means that we reflect on the events of that last week leading up to Jesus’s death and