• What’s Next for the Unit 28 Series

    As many of you know, Uncommon Vengeance, Book Three of the Unit 28 series, came out at the beginning of August. When you read it, you will sense that change is afoot. I you read fiction, think abou

  • Jabir al-Omri: Minding the Gap in Marriage

    Blogger’s note: Today, Jabir al-Omri, Alex’s husband, has today’s post as he gives some insight into things going on before the beginning of Uncommon Vengeance. Find out what’s on his mind

  • Ed DuBois: Man on a Mission to Avenge

    You want to know about Alex Thornton al-Omri? Hah, if I told you, I’d have to kill you. That’s because she and I go way back. Like back four years to when she whacked me over the head with a fr

  • Alex Thornton Al-Omri: Learning to Wait on God

    Blogger’s Note: This post is the second post related to Uncommon Vengeance, which is Book 3 of the Unit 28 series. Learn more about what’s going on in Alex’s mind between Book 2 a

  • The Critical Question

    At last, I’m pleased to announce that Book Three of the Unit 28 series has arrived. On August 9, Uncommon Vengeance be available on Amazon, and the e-book is already available for pre-order. This