5 Things I Learned from Attending a Garth Brooks Concert

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Last night, I had the opportunity to see the opening show of Garth Brooks’ five-night stand in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Being a Garth Brooks fan, I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to see a country singer who, in my opinion, put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen when I saw him in 1998.  He didn’t disappoint.  He rocked the coliseum the entire night.  I remembered every song he played.  I left with good memories that I’ll always treasure because this concert ranks up there in my top five.

You’re probably saying, “Hey, that’s great.  Thanks for the heads up on such a good concert.  But I’m not seeing how that applies to my life, which is crazy busy and on the verge of coming off the rails.”

I know of five things I learned from going to the concert.

  1. Give a good product. Garth put on a show that will always stick in my memory as one of the best I’ve seen. His songs speak to me as well. Overall, he knows the value of a good product. No matter what you do, be it work in business or in the home, it’s important to give a good product or service.
  2. Be a gracious host. The entire night, Garth thanked his fans for coming out. I imagine he viewed the concert like a party with him as host because he made everyone feel welcome. Even with our incredibly busy lives, we all have chances to play host. Making people feel welcome helps them to feel like part of a community.
  3. Plan carefully. I see Garth’s current tour as a culmination of years of careful planning. It has paid off for him in the form of sold-out shows and additional profit. Planning carefully allows any project we do to come off well. Sure, there may be hitches and the unexpected, but a good plan boosts the chances for success.
  4. Be a mentor. Garth’s opening act was a singer/songwriter named Karyn Rochelle. Throughout her set and introductions, it became clear that both Garth and Trisha mentor her to help her become better at her craft. No matter what, we are all mentors. People watch us and learn from us. We need to live our lives knowing that someone somewhere emulates us.
  5. Stay close to those you love. The tour consists of Garth and Trisha, who have been married for almost nine years. While I know that part of it is to bring in more money (e.g., fans), I imagine too that touring together can be a way to keep their marriage strong. Doing many, though not all, things together allows for couple to grow stronger together.

So there you have it.  Five things I learned from a concert.  It can happen.  The next time you head out to a concert of your favorite singer, take a good look at them.  I’ll bet you can learn something too.

Question:  What have you learned by attending a concert of your favorite singer or listening to their music?

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