5 Ways to Take a Sabbath

Courtesy of www.flickr.com.

Courtesy of www.flickr.com.

After two very intense weeks at work, I survived a very busy stretch.  To be honest, I’m exhausted.  Matter of fact, Thursday night, rather than prepare the blog for Friday, I took a two-hour nap and then slept soundly afterwards.  In other words, I needed to rest.

When God created the world, He rested.  He also instituted a day of rest because He knew that we humans needed a Sabbath.

Why is it important?

  • We need to recharge our batteries. In this culture, especially in the United States, we go nonstop from the time we rise until the time we fall into bed exhausted. We have no siestas like other cultures do. If we’re really lucky, we get maybe seven hours of sleep, many times, less. Taking a Sabbath allows us literally to rest our bodies.
  • We need to connect. Sometimes, our lives move at such a fast pace that we suddenly find ourselves out of touch with those who matter most to us. This can happen even if we’re together. We can get so caught up in the activities and mundane details of a week that we fail to have a real conversation with family and friends. Taking a Sabbath allows for reconnection with the important people in our lives by providing time for meaningful conversation.
  • We need to worship. In most places, worship takes place on the day of rest. For those of us who follow Christ, we often start out our Sabbath day by spending time with God as a congregation. Taking a Sabbath reminds us to remember who created us.

What are some ways to spend the Sabbath?

  1. Go to worship. Start the day by heading to your house of worship. It’s a gentle reminder that we’re created beings.
  2. Take a nap. You may be worn out by both the work week and chores around the house on Saturday. Tell your family to give you one or two hours of pure rest. Get away somewhere quiet. Read something until you get sleepy, and then take a nap. Your body will thank you for that.
  3. Get outside. On nice days, spend time outdoors with family or friends. Take a hike. Go to a park. If the inspiration strikes you, have a picnic to combine this idea with the one below.
  4. Cook something. Breaking bread together engenders a sense of community. Take the time to prepare a meal and sit down as a family. During that time, restrict the use of electronic devices. Instead, focus on those you can actually see and touch around the table. You may find that you’ll feel closer to one another.
  5. Create something. Maybe you have a talent that you find hard to exercise due to the hectic nature of your weeks. Use your Sabbath to work on that talent, be it woodworking, painting, or writing.

Now I know that some work schedules are wonky, especially if you’re someone like a fire fighter, police officer, nurse, or doctor.  Sometimes your jobs require that you work on a Sunday.  That’s okay.  I think when God designed the Sabbath, what He had in mind, in addition to worship, was rest.  Take another day of the week if you have to and use it as a day where you can enjoy the rest He designed for His world.

As for me and my upcoming Sabbath?  I think I’ll take a nap.  A nice, long one.

Question:  How do you celebrate the Sabbath?

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