Curiosity: Not Just for Cats

One of the things that I enjoy about writing is that it’s made me a very curious person. Well, I was probably that way beforehand. I think part of it comes from my upbringing. I remember spending time with my granddaddy, and, as a former science teacher, he greatly enjoyed challenging me with questions like:

Why is the sky blue?
How do plants grow?
Why do you see a rainbow when viewing light through a prism?

When I was a kid, I often found those questions frustrating. After all, I wasn’t old enough to know such things. But Granddaddy took those questions and turned them into miniature science lessons. I learned a great deal from them, and I must say that in hindsight, they really did begin to spark my curiosity. Maybe that’s why I went on to major in physics in college (yes, writers do major in other things besides English!).

So, I want to continue that tradition in some respect. On my Facebook page related to my writing (, I’ll be posting up a Question of the Night. This may be based on observations I’ve made during the day. Or, maybe an event happens that has me wondering what just happened and what people think of it. So questions may be fun. Silly. Thought-provoking. Maybe challenging too. I want to get to know my fans, and this is one way to do it.

So have fun with it. Keep controversy to a minimum, and I promise I’ll do the same. And that way, we’ll get tl know each other.

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