Meet the Deceptively Dangerous Nicole Chardet

iStock_000088982945_Nicole_webBlogger’s note:  Tonight, you’ll hear from another secondary character, Nicole Chardet.  She’s a hard woman and one not to cross. 

Let me see here.  I’m supposed to write about myself.  Oh, come on!  What’s there to know?  Let me look at this list.  What I look like.  What’s something important to know about me, and what’s my role in The Athena File.  Really?  Okay, fine.  If it gets this over with, I will.

My name’s Nicole Chardet, and I’m the Chief Financial Officer at the compound in Ghazni, Afghanistan.  I love my job.  So what if I’m one of only two single women there?  No one messes with me because they know that Roy Wildman, my boyfriend, would pound them to a pulp if they did.  And I’ve got a little side business.  What?  I should talk about it?  Nope.  Sorry.  No can do.  How do I know what I say wouldn’t be used against me?

I guess I should get around to describing what I look like.  I’m tall, slender.  Almost thin, thanks to the anorexia I had while in high school and dealing with some sh— oh, sorry.  I didn’t realize I couldn’t cuss.  Well, the word starts with an “s” and ends in a “t.”  You figure out the rest.  Fair skin, slate blue eyes, dark hair bordering on black.  Well, you’ve got the picture of me I sent.

The big thing?  You don’t mess with me or get in the way of what I’m doing.  You see, Roy, a couple of others, and I have this little scheme going on here at the compound, and we don’t want anyone interfering with it.  And guess what?  Jonathan’s girlfriend, Miss Christine Goody-Goody-Two-Shoes Parker is doing exactly that.  Yeah, I found out about them.  How?  I thought I saw some smooching one night.  So all I did is pay attention to them.  Maybe they thought that the guys here at the compound are clueless.  Yeah, they are, but I’m not a guy.  Get it?  Sure, I could go to Boss Man, our CEO, about them, but I figured as long as she wasn’t keeping tabs on us, I’d let it be.

Well, that’s changed.  She’s found out about it, and I know it’s a matter of time before she squeals on us to Jonathan.  And when that happens, I know what’s going to follow.  Roy and I will walk out of here in cuffs, and that’s not going to happen.


Because Christine’s gotta go.  And soon.

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