Ode to the Refrigerator

Oh, dear refrigerator, you were so dear to us.  You joined us many years ago as our first major appliance purchase as a married couple.  You sat snug in your space at the old house, a silent witness to laughter, tears, and long talks.  You kept many things on ice for us:  food, drinks, the occasional odd item–and secrets.  Yes, you never told, and you only released our treasures to us when we asked.  You served us well during those four years in Raleigh.

Then came our move to Cary.  Our new house had a bigger refrigerator–a better one, or so we thought.  When we moved, we kept you, figuring that you could be of use in the garage for extra food storage whenever we needed it.  But no.  You complained.  You showed your displeasure at being relegated to the garage by running up our power bills.  You, in essence, became a nuisance.

We decided you needed a new home, one where you could serve your new owners loyally.  We enlisted the help of Craig and his great lists.  The first time we put you on the list, we valued you so much, perhaps too much, as it turned out.  No one wanted you, to our great distress.  So you sat.  Day after day, week after week, suffering through the Holidays.

When the New Year arrived, thinking that we had valued you too highly, we lowered your price and tried again.  Within an hour, you’d found a new home.  Call me sentimental, but I did feel a tender spot in my heart for you as I watched you being towed away.  But I know you’re going to a good home, one where you will be stocked full of all sorts of goodies.  May you live out your days in peace.

As for us?  We now have date money.


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