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I have to admit that tonight, as I sit down to draft this blog, I’m completely out of ideas.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  If you write a blog, you’re supposed to have a ton of ideas, right?

Not necessarily.  That’s okay.  It’s been an off week for me.  Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, we’ve had ice and snow and cold temperatures.  Nothing like Boston, I’ll admit.  For those of you up North, you may think I’m whining a little bit.  I’m not.  I just think that the odd week (like yesterday, I woke up thinking it was Saturday and how nice it would be to sleep in when in reality, it was only Wednesday) threw me off.  So in other words, I’m a bit turned around in general this week.

Since I seem to lack ideas tonight, I thought I’d expunge a little on where I get ideas.  For my writing, those blogs you see on Tuesdays or the rare Wednesday (but never on Monday), I blog about writing.  Fridays or the rare Saturday (but never on Thursday), I blog about life in general.

Regardless, you’ll usually find me scrambling the day before or night before to get a blog together.  You see, writing 500 words can be really hard on occasion.  I try to be an observer, but sometimes I find that I have my head down so much in real life that I find it hard to look up and look around.

Where do I get my ideas?

For writing, it can come easily.  At times, it doesn’t.  Learning to write fiction is a lifelong process, and usually I’m learning something and like to talk about it to share information with other writers or those who are interested in the process.  It also gives me a chance to talk about any upcoming work.  (Hint:  When March starts, you’re going to learn more about Panama Deception).

For life?  That can be a bit harder.  I try my best to observe, to write about stuff going on either around me or inside of me.  If something’s on my mind, it comes quickly.  If not, then it can be tough.  Sometimes, I draw upon quotes like I did a few weeks ago when I quoted Red Reddington.  I also try to provide some practical wisdom.  Other times, like tonight, I’m feeling plain out ideas and totally uncreative.  On occasion, something burdens me, and I simply want to share.

Lately, like tonight, I feel that God’s been burdening my heart on some particular topics.  Over the next few Fridays, I’m sure I’ll share.  I may also intersperse these potentially heavy topics with lighter, more humorous ones.

Most of all, I want to thank you for reading my sometimes random scribblings as I try to sort through life.

Stay tuned…

Question:  When was the last time you felt random?

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