Ponyville Episode 4: Finally Home

Well, at sunset, we finally arrived home after four days of constant driving.  Not only is it good not to sit in a car, but it’s also nice to eat home cooking.  Here’s 10 observations from our trip:

  1. It’s really easy to go really fast, even in a Mustang V6.  Cruise control is crucial, especially if you’re driving a yellow Mustang.
  2. If you’re going to spend 4 days in a car with someone, make sure that someone is your best friend.
  3. Arkansas is scary.
  4. Take time to see a little bit of the scenery and visit with friends where possible.
  5. After awhile, eating food on the road gets old.
  6. Hampton Inns are the best for economical places to stay while on the road.
  7. Using a Garmin is no substitute for a map (electronic or paper) and good, old-fashioned commonsense.
  8. Road music is a must.
  9. Have a spirit of adventure and be willing to backtrack if adventure looks like it could lead to nowhere.
  10. Most of all, let that Pony run!
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