Reflections on 5 Things I Plan to Do This Summer

Labor Day weekend. The unofficial end to summer even though the hot temperatures will linger well into September. Back in June when I talked about what I planned to do this summer, I promised to check in. How did I do? Let’s find out.

Take the Sabbath to heart. This past summer, I think I did that pretty well. We shifted up our schedule to go to late church, which meant sleeping in a little more. Then in the afternoon, I’d grab a nap, read, and sometimes do some writing. It’s been nice to change up the schedule.

Kayak a lot. I have to laugh when I look at this goal. Around the time when I wrote this, Steve herniated a disc in his lower back. No, severely herniated it. Which means that I haven’t been in my kayak since then because putting it on top of our Subaru Outback requires his reach. Hopefully, when he heals up completely this fall, we’ll be back on the water at least a few more times before it gets too cold to go.

Write a lot. Overall, I’ve been able to write as I anticipated. I did finish Exiled Heart, and it’s with my beta readers. Now, I’m focusing my attention on editing another manuscript, tentatively entitled No Options.

Spend time outside. I’ve done a lot of that but in unexpected ways. Yes, I’ve sat on the screened-in porch, but I also spent a lot of time in late July walking the dogs because Steve couldn’t. It’s been fun, and I’ve bonded even more with Bonnie and Clyde because of it.

Spend time with my honey. This happened, but in an unexpected way. After Steve had his surgery, he was very limited in his mobility for the first couple of weeks. For example, picking up anything off the floor was a no-no as his spine healed. I worked from home during that time, and we’ve definitely spent a lot of time together. Honestly, it drew us closer. I’m thankful he’s my best friend.

That’s how my summer went. Did it go as planned? Not exactly. Not that I mind. I make my own plans. Then God changes them to fit His purposes. And I’m thankful. It was a good summer, a net positive. And now, I look forward to a good fall.

Question: What were your goals for the summer, and did you accomplish them?

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