Top 10 Rules for Successful Workouts

10.  Take it easy after not working out after awhile, especially after being sick.  No point in running 4 miles if you can barely do 2.5.

9.  Advil is good, especially after running.

8.  Chocolate milk is even better.

7.  Eating right and getting enough sleep are equally as important.

6.  Beware of goose gangs if running, especially when fields are nearby.

5.  It’s fun to be in pain (usually).  It’s even more fun when you’re done and see how much you’ve accomplished.

4.  The best part of a workout is the shower afterwards.

3.  Chocolate milk is really yummy.

2.  Working out encourages great sleep.

1.  Have fun!  Working out should indeed be fun, so pick an activity that’s enjoyable.

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