What It Takes: Introduction

Blog Post 52 What It Takes IntroA week ago, I issued a challenge on my Facebook page: Ask me a question, any question, about writing, and I would develop a series of posts around that. One question came up that generated a lot of thought.

What must I do to be a writer?

At first, I dismissed the possibility of developing several posts centering around that question. Impossible, right? No, definitely possible. I began thinking. I could do that. Absolutely. So I sat down and listed out what it takes to be a writer. I came up with this list of eight:

  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Curiosity
  • Time
  • Talent
  • Teachability
  • Persistence
  • Independence

These are necessary in order to succeed as a writer of not only fiction but also non-fiction. Why should writers possess these eight qualities?

  • A writer needs curiosity to fire the imagination.
  • A writer needs talent as the raw material for becoming a better writer.
  • A writer needs teachability perfect the craft.
  • A writer needs independence to fulfill potential.
  • A writer needs time to become a better writer.
  • A writer needs courage in all parts of writing, from drafting the rough draft to producing the finished product.
  • A writer needs patience to make it through the numerous obstacles that occur during the writing process.
  • A writer needs persistence to endure.

Each of these qualities stretch across all facets of the writing process, from the germination of an idea, to the drafting of a manuscript, to the production of the book. That may be surprising, but I firmly hold to that idea. In each of the eight posts related to on-the-edge suspense, I’ll strive to show how writing necessitates these qualities.

You may think something like, “Well, I’m not a writer. I like to read, but I’m definitely not interested in writing.”

That’s okay. Think of your life, of another talent you might have. I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised if those qualities can translate into something else. At the end of each post, I’ll challenge you with a couple of questions to get you thinking.

And if other questions pop up? Drop me a line via my contact page or by using the other methods on my website or even by a comment to this post. I’d be honored to address you questions.

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