What’s Next for the Unit 28 Series

As many of you know, Uncommon Vengeance, Book Three of the Unit 28 series, came out at the beginning of August. When you read it, you will sense that change is afoot.

I you read fiction, think about what series you’ve read. In the traditionally published world, the length of a series depends upon different factors. How many books does the contract cover? How successful is the series? How have sales done with the first books in the series?

In the indie-publishing world, similar factors exist. I would also add that for indie writers, the following questions need to be answered when writing a series: Are fans getting behind the series? How long can I continue to write the series? What does it turn on? One character? A concept?

The last question is crucial. In some series I’ve read from the traditionally published world, it may go on for twenty books, all featuring the same character. This creates challenges. The character can grow stale or age. Or the same things may happen over and over again, just with a different setting and conflict.

When I was thinking about the Unit 28 series overall, I knew that I wanted it to continue, but how would I do that? I finally decided the best way would be not to focus only on a particular character (Alex Thornton) but to make it more about one character for a few books before moving to another character.

Book 3 provides that transition. Alex loses her mentor, Tiny Daniels, to retirement and steps up in responsibility and takes on that role of mentor rather than mentee. Rachel Daniels, Tiny’s daughter, has a bright future with Unit 28, and in the next few books of the series, she’ll be the protagonist.

What does the future hold for Unit 28? They’re rebuilding, this time in North Carolina. Alex will now serve as supervisor of the Field Agent Division. Jabir and Isa will serve under her alongside Toly, who you met in Uncommon Vengeance. Sadie will be the Research Division Supervisor, and Otto will continue to oversee the Computing Division. Mitch will continue in his role as Unit 28 Director.

Where will this series go?

Only time will tell.

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Question: What is your favorite part of the first three books of the Unit 28 series?

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