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Blog Post 82 New Years by Michel

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Lots of times, as a year winds to a close, just as 2015 did a week or so ago, we pause and reflect on the year behind us. Then, as New Year’s Day arrives, we spout off a litany of resolutions, most of which are broken within a month, if not a day, of making them.  However, we spend little time thinking about what lies ahead.  Oh, we may if we decide to set goals.  But many times, we set goals that are muddled without measureable benchmarks.  To help, maybe it’s more appropriate to have a year in preview to go along with the year in review.

What lies ahead for me as a writer? In terms of books, I plan to be busy.  I’m putting one out in the spring that will be Book One of a trilogy.  It’s about a veteran who has recovered from rough times but faces his toughest fight yet.  I want to take my time on this and get it right, so it may come out later in the spring than earlier.  Then, this fall, I will put out Book Two of The Last Chance Series.  This book will pick up slightly less than a year later of when Operation Shadow Box left off and will focus on Suleiman, the sniper and observer of the team.

In terms of blogs, I plan to continue my once-a-week postings. I’ll be doing the occasional book review.  Also, as I begin research for Book Four of The Last Chance Series (yes, sometimes you do have to start way ahead of time), I’ll be writing occasionally about my research.  Beyond my promotional blogs related to book releases, I would like to do one, maybe two series on writing techniques in terms of what I’ve learned.  Regarding the on-the-edge living part of my blog, I’ll look at quotes periodically and whatever else comes to mind at the time of writing.  As I begin this new year, I encourage you to write me with questions or comments even if I don’t specifically request them.  I love to hear from my readers.

Personally? A lot is happening.  Work continues to be hopping, and I hope that as winter melts into spring and then spring into summer, it might become a bit more manageable.  I’ve got some fun adventures planned, and I’m looking to become more involved with my friends and church.  And, lo and behold, I plan to do a 10k and hopefully a triathlon or two.  Something has to motivate me to keep working out.

What will 2016 bring for you? Any fun adventures?  Things to learn?  People to see?  Regardless of what you have planned, may God bless you in your ventures.

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