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It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for nine weeks now.  When I re-launched my new website and began blogging on a regular basis, I said I’d be writing on two themes, on-the-edge suspense (read, my writing) and on-the-edge living (read, how to have a balanced life).  As I’ve gotten further into posting, I’ve come to realize that it’s time for a slight adjustment in changing course.  Think of it as slightly adjusting my posts to go more in the direction that I want them to go.

I struggled with this decision.  Had I failed in my blogging efforts by not holding to what I’d decided to initially write about?  I realized that I hadn’t failed at all.  I’d begun to realize where I’m most comfortable blogging.

That’s exciting.

I do plan to continue with the topic of writing.  It’s my passion, and I have a lot to share about my own journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  You’ll continue to hear about my new books as they come out.  Look for more posts about the craft of writing, my experiences, and other sundry items of the writing world.

Where I’m changing course relates to on-the-edge living.  Is it because I’m too cheap to change my header on my website?  Maybe a little, but not really.  I felt like I was writing out of my element.  After all, I’m not a certified life coach with a bunch of letters after my last name.  Instead, I’m a woman living in suburban America who balances a calling and passion with a challenging job and assortment of other commitments.

I still feel like I live on the edge.

What I plan to do is use this second blog of the week to talk about a variety of topics.  It could be almost anything.  Maybe I’ll share a cool recipe I’ve tried that works (fat chance since I’m not the cook in our family).  Or maybe I’ll write about my experience with the telephone company (thanks, AT&T, for throwing my entire week off).  Or maybe I’ve had something happen that I’ve learned from.  We’ll see.

I also plan to add something a little new to the website that will appear in the area where I place posts.  I’m calling it on-the-edge flash.  These will be quick snippets appearing between posts to announce something such as a giveaway or a special deal or when I want to talk up a fellow author.  These may be infrequent at first, but expect them to be more frequent in the future.

One thing that won’t change will be the questions at the end of my posts.  Even for non-writers, I think you might enjoy the ones about writing.  For the on-the-edge living posts, I want to ask you questions either to challenge you to think or solicit input about something I face.  So feel free to respond.  Maybe we can even get a conversation going.

Here’s to the course adjustment!

Question:  Think about a time when you had to adjust course in midstream.  What drove you to do so?

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