Completing the Pack

These past couple of years have been hard in some respects. In March 2016, we lost Aspen, our female Basenji. Granted, she was fifteen at the time, so her death should not have come as a surprise. Still, it caught us totally unawares. We had to make that tough decision to put her down, and we weren’t prepared. In November 2017, we said goodbye to our male Basenji, Wallace. Again, we had to put him down. Granted, we had great joy in our lives as we welcomed a new Basenji girl named Bonnie in September of 2016. Yet after we lost Wallace, we felt a hole in our family, in our pack.

We needed another Basenji boy, and Bonnie needed a canine playmate.

We were blessed with the arrival of Clyde in our family four weeks ago. He’s now twelve weeks old and gained a stunning two pounds (that’s a lot!) this past week. Our pack is now complete.

Blessings abound with this little guy. He’s got such a sweet nature about him. He loves us, and he loves his big sister. Some of my favorite times during the day are first thing in the morning when I get him out of his exercise pen and hold him in my arms.

We’ve also begun laughing a lot more. Seeing dogs at play brings all sorts of humor into the day, as does watching him explore his world. For instance, this past weekend, he started jumping on the couch that’s out on the screened-in porch. He clung to it like a mountain climber clinging for dear life until he pulled himself over the precipice.

Bonnie is a much happier and more settled dog now that she has her canine playmate to chase. They love playing together. It’s rough and tumble a lot, but it’s also sweet, especially when she brings a toy to him and drops it at his feet.

Dogs color our world. That’s for sure. We’re looking forward to many adventures with Bonnie and Clyde, the outlaws.

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    The Conversation

  1. Alice says:

    Welcome, Clyde! SO true that dogs bring humor to our lives! We have Levi, our boxer, and my son’s mix-breed, Shadow, living with us, and they do make us laugh. But it’s hard to think that they won’t be around as long as we need/want them to be. Dogs need to live longer. Sad for your losses, Jennifer, but happy that Clyde is finding his home with you.

    • Jennifer Haynie says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I love Boxers as well. They’re so bouncy and have great humor.

  2. Jennifer, we enjoyed being with your pack last Saturday afternoon. Clyde and Bonnie do some of the cutest things. It is so much fun to snuggle with a puppy, especially Clyde who is so sweet and loving. Dee