Has Victor Let Go of His Past?

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Blogger’s Note:  Today, you’ll hear from Victor Chavez, one of the lead characters in Operation Peacemaker.  He first made his appearance in Operation Shadow Box, and now he tells you what’s happened since then. 

So I’m supposed to discuss what’s happened since Operation Shadow Box?  Boy, that’s a bit of an assignment.  Sorry for the sarcasm.  It’s just that so many things have occurred since then that I could go on and on.

First things first.  When Operation Shadow Box ended, it was October 2014.  Deb and I had endured a forced separation with her living in North Carolina and me here at Last Chance Ranch in Arizona.  She surprised me by coming to visit.  And then?  I took a risk.  I relocated to North Carolina for six months.  Right before Christmas, I proposed, and we married in April.  So here we are, having just arrived at Last Chance Ranch a few days ago.

Problem is, I thought that bringing Deb and the kids here would chase away the remnants of the memories I have from when Makmoud ambushed us at the ranch.  Not so.  If anything, the memories from our ordeal have resurfaced.  I mean, it changed everything in our lives.  It destroyed Shadow Box’s unity, big time.  Fi and Skylar left, and on her way out the door, Fi called me an… well, let’s just say it wasn’t nice.  And then in December, Shelly and Diana left to head to Phoenix.  Shelly needed a better job, and Diana needed sunlight, which is few and far between here in Flagstaff during the winter.

The ambush also destroyed my source of income because the president disbanded us last July.  I’ve made do with working part time as a sheriff’s deputy.  I’ve also struggled to start a new security business called Sentry Securities.  It’s been a slow start, a really slow start.  Still, even though I’m a young believer, I’ve seen the way that God has provided for me already.  When I was in North Carolina, He provided just the right amount of funds for me to live.  Now, with four kids and a wife, I’m a bit more nervous.  But God’s is good.  I’ll have to keep trusting.

Deb and the kids?  Boy, blessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.  Two years ago, I never imagined I’d be where I am.  I mean, back then, I grieved Rachel so terribly.  She’d been my life, my true love, the one I’d planned to build a life with, maybe even have a family.  And she died with one gunshot.  Sure, Makmoud led the kidnap team that fatal night, but he’s not the one who took Rachel’s life.  If I ever find that person who did it, they’d better hope they can get away—and fast, because, even though I follow Jesus now, it wouldn’t take too much time for me to want to exact revenge.  And the scary thing?  I’d probably do it.

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