The Contradictory Life of Suleiman al-Ibrahim

Blogger’s Note:  Over the next few posts, you’ll hear more from the characters in Operation Peacemaker as well as other additional information. In today’s post, meet Suleiman al-Ibrahim, the leading man in the novel.

Victor told me a little bit about what you call a blog post. Or what I call an interview. Why do you want to write about me? Oh? To give people more an idea of what I look like? Who I am? What I look like is easy. Take a look at the picture. Having a backpack slung over my shoulder indicates my primary occupation these days. I am a student who is working to obtain his GED. Hopefully, I will finish within the next couple of years. I am also a waiter to earn some income. But what I did with the Shadow Box team, and what I love to do, is to shoot and observe. I can remain still for hours on end if need be.

But back to my looks. I am not very tall. Translating from centimeters into inches, I am about five feet, five inches, which makes me the shortest man on the team. But I am still taller than Sana, which I like. I have eyes that are a mixture of gray and brown. I have somewhat fair skin, something I inherited from my mother. Still, I also look like my half-brothers. You see, my half-brothers are Jibril and Makmoud Hidari. Yes, you heard right. The very ones who nearly destroyed the Shadow Box team the year before.

I betrayed Makmoud three years ago in one of the worst ways possible. I do not like to discuss it. Why? It brings back a life I wish to leave behind. Not even Sana, with whom I’m close, knows what happened at the compound in Venezuela that led to my betrayal of my half-brother. I wish to keep it that way.

So sorry. What does Sana like to say? I veered off course. It is to be expected. My half-brothers terrify me. It has taken many months after the incident last year for me to relax at least a little bit and to stop looking over my shoulder for them. Back to Makmoud. I know he will not forgive me for what I did to him so long ago, so I live in fear of his finding me.

Honestly, all I want is peace in my life. I want to enjoy being with Sana. Also, Victor has brought his new family to Last Chance Ranch. Perhaps I can find that peace now that they have returned. And the upswing? Sana has invited me to go rock climbing with her. Butch says I have a crush on her and that I should do something about it. Perhaps I will when we climb The Mushroom together.

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