I’m Sorry We Can’t Be Friends

by Jennifer Haynie @JenniferHaynie1

Dear Winter,

You’re in my life, at least for another five weeks, but to be honest, I’m ready for you to go. I’m sorry, but I’ve tried. I’ve tried to be friends with you, but it’s just too hard. Yes, I have a lot of friends who know you as their best friend because they were born when you happen. I get that.

But just think about it. You’ve always had a hard act to follow. I mean, your cohort, Fall, is so different from you. First off, Fall is colorful. All of those golds, reds, and oranges are really hard to beat. So are the warm days and cool nights with lower humidity. And let’s not forget about the holidays Fall loves to celebrate. Halloween. Then there’s Thanksgiving. And the run-up to Christmas. All sparkles, glitz and glam.

Winter, I know you can claim Christmas itself and the New Year. But what’s after that? Okay, yes, Valentine’s Day. One of my least favorite holidays. But, I’ll give you credit for trying on that.

Winter, you have to admit you’re kind of dull. And wet. Let’s not forget cold. This year, really wet and cold. And dark. Light struggles to break through, but when the sun comes up way after seven and sets way before six, I hardly ever get to see it. At least more light starts coming into the sky, and yes Daylight Saving Time starts as you end, which is a good thing.

The clouds don’t help either because with clouds usually comes earlier sunsets and later sunrises. And let’s not forget about the rain. This year, it seems like it’s rained almost every day. Only if we’re lucky does it snow. Not so lucky this year, for sure. The ground has been so soggy it squishes when I walk on the grass.

And dull? Duller than a butter knife. Unless one happens to love football and college basketball. Meh, I like live college basketball, but, well, there was none of that this year, and besides, so many of the games start at nine at night—during the week. Who can stay up way past eleven to watch it? And football? Sorry. Not my thing. My favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, haven’t been to the Super Bowl in years. Beyond that, nothing ever fun seems to happen in winter.

2020 wasn’t a time to be friends, nor was 2021. We’ll see what next year holds. Maybe then, just maybe, we can be friends.

Winter is so dreary and dull. It’s hard to be friends with it. #2020 and #2021 didn’t help. #authenticity Share on X

Question: What is your least favorite season of the year?

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