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Get up.  Take the kids to school.  Go to work and attend four meetings, all the while feeling further and further behind in the work you need to do.  Leave work.  Pick up the kids and run them to soccer and piano.  Return home.  Get supper ready.  Fall into bed at night.  All the while feeling overwhelmed by the day.

On-the-edge living.  We do it all of the time.  We live that finely balanced life that we think will topple at the slightest breath of change.  As someone who works at a fulltime job, writes on the side, has a marriage, and likes to live an active lifestyle, I can identify with this as well.  I’ll spend roughly half of my twice-a-week posts on this topic.  How?  I’ll share tidbits of how I attempt to manage this crazy game called life.  I’ll be upfront with you.  I don’t know all of the answers.  Hardly.  These posts will be my attempt to share with you what I’ve learned.

At the end of each post, I’ll place a question.  Why?  I want to get your thoughts about how you manage your life.  I want you to share your ideas as well.  That way, everyone who comments can glean new ideas that might apply to their own lives.  I’ll moderate by periodically responding.  The only thing I ask is to keep comments polite and clean since there’s already a lot of shouting in the public square.

Since this is my first post about on-the-edge living, I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Now it’s your turn.

Question:  Why do you feel overwhelmed with your life?


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    The Conversation

  1. Christie Shook says:

    If I were as busy as you, Jen, I’d be overwhelmed. A long time ago, I accepted the fact I have physical limitations. It gets frustrating at times, like when I can’t open a jar, and no one else is at home. But I’ve also learned to ask for help when I feel I need it. I can’t travel like I would love to do, but I can live virtually through my friends’ photos. I guess having patience and faith that it’ll all work out in the end is what keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. Love you! Christie

    • Jennifer Haynie says:

      It can be hard at times and overwhelming, especially with all of the changes that have been happening. That’s one of the reasons driving me to blog about it.

  2. Dee McCutchen says:

    I enjoyed this web site but it flickers every few seconds, making it hard to read. Your topic is very interesting and one that affects all of us. I’m proud of you, daughter! You have so much to offer your readers. Keep the good news coming!

    • Jennifer Haynie says:

      Very nice, thank you. I’m not sure why the website flickers. It shouldn’t. Promise it was tested on all sorts of platforms.