Opertion Javelin in Pictures

When writing a novel, we writers do our best to paint pictures with our words so that our readers can dive into the story. How do we writers do that? With pictures and training in how to describe. It’s hard, but it’s something that I enjoy doing. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the island of Hawaii, nicknamed the Big Island. For today’s post, I decided to share some of the scenery that you will notice as you read Operation Javelin.

This is what many of us typically think of when we think about Hawaii, especially the Big Island. Palm trees. Beautiful beaches. This is of a beach that is just north of the airport in Kona District on the western side of the island. And yes, my husband and I called it the quintessential Hawaiian beach. I can easily see Shelly spending her days off at beaches like this. Reading, painting, it wouldn’t matter. But…

A lot of Hawaii looks like the picture on the right. Arid ranchland. And it is windy. So windy that when racers run the Ironman World Championships on the Big Island, they are not allowed to utilize solid disc wheels due to high winds. While this picture was taken in what’s called the Saddle Road on the Big Island that links the eastern and western sides of the island, much of the western side, southern side, and ridge along the center looks like this. Combine the wind with fire, and you know what happens. Maui, unfortunately, experienced that last summer. In Operation Javelin, the Hartwell facility is surrounded by land like this.

The Big Island is a very geologically young island and is currently home to two active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. While this particular bit of coast is on the southwestern flanks of Kilauea, much of the coastline looks like this or is black sand beach. The picture is similar to the place where, in Operation Javelin, Hartwell Enterprises has their research facility. I can easily envision Shelly, Butch, and Henry finding their point of entry onto the facility grounds near shoreline that looks like this. Now imagine the sound of waves hitting the rocks. Too bad I didn’t get video of this.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a fun picture. Okay, so maybe you don’t think it’s fun, but I kid you not when I say that this is the porta potty that I envisioned Shelly using when she hid out with Nathaniel in a homeless camp while on the run. This is actually the porta potty near the trailhead we took to get to the green sand beach. Probably the vilest, most disgusting one I’ve ever used. Now that you’ve seen it, imagine the smell. Like Shelly, I held my breath when using it. Be glad there’s no such thing as smella-vision.

I hope you all have enjoyed this brief tour of pictures that helped me when writing Operation Javelin. There’s much more I could share. So much more.

Question: How have your favorite novels placed you in the setting of the story?

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