Sharp Words from David Shepherd

Blogger’s Note: Today, you’ll hear from David Shepherd, the leading man in The Athena File. While once a career Green Beret, he now works as a maintenance guy in his hometown of Burning Tree, Utah. Why? He’ll have to tell you.

Apparently, I’ve been given this “assignment” to write a little about my life. You know how hard that is? I don’t like to talk about everything that’s happened. Why? It evokes a lot of bad memories, at least for me it does. Kyra. my sister, says it’s good for me to share, though. Something about it’s a way to heal and maybe a way to encourage others.

My name’s David Shepherd, and right now, I’m living in my hometown of Burning Tree, Utah. Population? A shade over 2,000. It’s small. When I was younger, it was too small. But now? It’s what I need. I live in the upstairs bachelor’s apartment of my sister’s house at the eastern edge of town. My job? I’m the maintenance guy at the resort Mom and Dad own in town. I also help out Kyra a lot with the kids since, as a widow, she’s got no backup in the form of a husband.

Apparently, I’m also supposed to tell you some vital stats about myself. I’m a guy, so really? Here’s the basics. Six-four. Two-ten. Dark hair worn long. Dark eyes. Single. No woman on the horizon. Oh, and I’m in my early forties. And I’m a retired vet with twenty years in before I retired. I served in Gulf II, plus two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan that almost did me in.

Seems I’m to tell you something unique about me. I guess that would be the tattoo on my arm. It reads “By Grace Alone,” and it has a scar running through it. I got that scar when I lived in a homeless camp in Raleigh. Someone tried to steal the bandanna that held the remaining remnants from my previous life. I fought him off, but in the process, I got cut across my arm to the point where it did some serious nerve damage to my hand. You know something? If Jonathan had answered when I called, if he’d called me back when I left the message, then none of this would have happened. Sorry. Yeah, I’m angry at him.

The last thing I’m supposed to talk about is where I am now. I kind of mentioned that earlier, didn’t I? I’m where I need to be. In Burning Tree with Kyra and her kids. I adore my nephews and niece. Life has resumed a routine I need. Do I miss my time with my Green Beret team? I miss them fiercely. We called ourselves the Mighty Men, and we were the best team ever. Not anymore. Not when all but Jonathan lie cold in the grave.  We had something special that I’ll never have again. But honestly, this is where I need to be, and I’m bound and determined to stay here.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    I like the way you did this Jen. Interesting