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This past week, I’ve spent time at home because I was sick. During that time, I read a lot, including a book by Davis Bunn, a mentor and one of my favorite writers. As I read Imposter, I once more I appreciated the way his writing voice is so unique.

Each writer has a unique voice.

Once that person dies, no matter how hard others try to continue writing in the name of that person (think carrying on writing in the name of Vince Flynn), it can’t be done because that particular writer was unique.

So it is with each of us. We are all unique. God broke the mold after he made each of us, and there will never be another one of us after we pass from this life.

As an adult, I find it so strange that many of us try to find a way to fit in rather than celebrate our uniqueness. As a teenager, especially in junior high, I truly struggled with this. I wanted to fit in so badly, but I couldn’t. And didn’t. It made for some very lonely times.

High school was a bit better in that I found my place in band. I found where I fit in.

But I can tell you that I envied those who didn’t care what people thought of them. Many of them were relegated to the sidelines of high school life, but it didn’t seem to matter. They lived their lives on their own terms.

Today, as a middle-aged adult, I’ve learned to celebrate my uniqueness rather than try to run with the crowd. And I look for where that happens.

And I see it everywhere.

In my home. I can’t say that Steve and I have a specific style of home décor. It’s a melding of modern and Mid-eastern, maybe. Overall, it’s whimsical, and it’s a style all our own.

At the office. In my day job, I work in a real office and have decorated it to be almost like a home away from home. Again, if you take a look in the offices on our floor, it looks nothing like the others. It’s totally unique, as are the other ones.

In my writing. Over the years, my writing voice has developed. Sure, it has elements of those who I admire like Davis Bunn, but it’s totally unique, a one of a kind that will vanish when I cease writing.

How about you? Remember that you were made by a Creator God who loves you to pieces. He made You with your own uniqueness in everything from personality to interests to gifts. Though it may seem easier to run with the crowd at times, it’s by far better to celebrate your uniqueness.

You be you. That’s all you need to do.

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Question: How do you see yourself as unique?

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