Almost Missing a Miracle

“I want to see a miracle.”

I remember saying those words to my husband, Steve, sometime late last summer. By that point, I was worn out from the pandemic (who wasn’t?). I’d been reading in the Bible in the Old Testament where a ton of miracles took place.

If you’re familiar with the Bible, you can recall many miracles in that part of the Bible. God turning water to blood. Parting the Red Sea. Making the sun stop. Causing an ax head to float. Turning back the shadow on a sundial. Miracles, all of them.

Of course, that led to my first question. “Why don’t we see miracles today?”

As he always does, he thinks before he answers, then replied, “We do have miracles. We have technology. What can happen today is amazing.”

That didn’t satisfy me. “But I want to see something totally incredible.” Not that I doubted God existed or that He cared about us. That wasn’t my concern. My second question was simple. “Why can’t miracles like that happen today?”

Then during the first part of August, one of our close friends, Craig, got very, very sick with Covid. By late August, he was on a ventilator, and his kidneys temporarily failed. He was on dialysis for a short time.

No one who’d gone on a vent due to Covid in that particular hospital had walked out.

No one.

Craig did. He became the first patient from there to recover.

I won’t belabor what that has entailed. It’s been long and arduous, but today, he’s back to working. He’s become “the grill master” again (read, he’s off oxygen more than he’s on at home). His physical therapy is progressing well.

The video I’ve shared (with Craig and his wife’s permission) describes his and his wife’s journey better than I ever could.

The first time I watched this, I cried.

And I knew.

Craig’s survival is a miracle. I was looking in the wrong place to see it. And looking for the wrong thing.

Miracles surround us all of the time.

Thing is, sometimes we forget to look.

They don’t have to be big like God parting the Red Sea or making a donkey talk.

A miracle can happen if someone battles the odds and beats an illness. Or when a wayward child returns home. Or something else.

God is active in this world.

We just have to look to see the ways in which He is.

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Question: What is a miracle that you might have seen?

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