Stars in Your Life

Quote_5_Poster_webSeveral years ago when Steve and I traveled to Utah for the first time, we headed to Moab because of its proximity to several national parks.  One night, we headed out to Arches National Park, spread a blanket on the ground, and stared at the stars.  What I saw amazed me.  So many stars, more than I could ever hope to see in the anemic nighttime sky of an urban area.  It almost blew my mind.

David Shepherd, who plays opposite of Abigail in The Athena File, sees a similar view from his home in Burning Tree, which is in central Utah, not too far as the crow flies from Moab.  Red rock by day.  Tons of stars at night.  He spends lots of time contemplating that night sky as well as events from the day.

Circumstances forced his return to Burning Tree.  Through this quote, you learn something about him.  Something happened, which you discover at the beginning of the novel.  People have died, yet in his mind, they live on.

Aren’t we a lot like David in that respect?  There are people who seem to speak to us, even beyond the grave.  I’m not talking about audibly.  No, I’m talking more about the lessons they taught us while they lived.  My cousin comes to mind.  Whether she realized it or not, she mentored me in many ways.  Spiritually, mentally, career-wise.  I’m grateful for everything that she shared in her somewhat short life here on earth.

What about you?  Maybe one of your parents taught you something.  Or a grandparent.  Or maybe a teacher long ago in a classroom.  The list is endless.  Regardless, we crave and treasure what we learned.  And perhaps, like David with this quote, their voices faintly echo in your mind as they encourage you to reach your full potential.

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