What an Eclectic Music Playlist Can Do

I’ve been doing a lot of travel for work lately, much of it driving by myself. A couple of weeks ago, I was riding with a coworker who likes music like I do. I warned her that I had an eclectic playlist for road trips that included many genres of music.

That got me to thinking.

What can a playlist of music tell someone about me?

I’m a writer. Have you ever heard the joke that if you play a country song backward, you’ll get your wife back, your dog bag, your truck back, and your daddy will get out of jail? Country music, especially the older varieties, tends to tell stories. Many songs spin a tale about anything, be it something fun like a good night gone wrong or family relationships. As a writer, I love the story-telling nature of country music. It can even spur my imagination, and sometimes, the lyrics are very powerful.

I’m from the South. Bluegrass, blues, and folk music. There’s nothing like these genres. They take me back to my roots, which are based in the mountains of West Virginia and the edge of Low Country in South Carolina. These songs touch something deep within me that remind me of where I’m from. It touches my soul and thrums within my blood.

I’m a woman of faith. I have lots of music that comes from artists in the Christian genre. These songs tell of faith, one that comes from trusting God not only through the bad times but also the good. Many of these praise God as well and can tell a story. Their lyrics strike a chord deep within me.

I’m strong. Dig a little deeper on my playlist, and you’ll find Lady Gaga and P!nk. I love these ladies because of their grittiness, their toughness, and willingness to express themselves without any reservations. They’re strong. Sometimes, I have to be that way, especially when life gets busy or pressures get high at work. This is the kind of music I use to blow off steam when I’m working out.

I can be silly. Some of the songs on my playlist are simply silly. They make me laugh, and I usually wind up singing with them. People driving around me probably think I’m nuts. But I have fun, and having fun can lift my spirits and perk me up.

My playlist gives a peek into my personality and proves one thing. I cannot be put into a box and labeled. I have many facets, as do all of us. Think about it. We can learn a lot more from a person’s playlist than we realize.

Question: What does your playlist show about you?

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